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VERICON was created to help ensure shippers comply with the new SOLAS global initiative, where every container shipped around the world, must have accurate information about the weight of the cargo inside.
Using the latest technology, we take away the hassle of having to weigh every container that you ship.
With our mobile container weighing solutions, we can come straight to your yard, accurately weigh a container and send through a Verified Gross Mass certificate straight to your email, all within 5 minutes.

What we do

Keep it simple

From 1 July 2016, shippers around the world will be required to verify the weight of every container shipped using certififed weighing equipment or an approved calculation method.

Capable of weighing all ISO Container types, size and the ability to weigh up to 35,000kg.

Our Mobile Container Weighing Scales, ensure SOLAS compliance!

Vericon – Mobile Container Weighing